​Playroom organizing done right - for you AND your kids!

​The Toy Tamer 

Something new for these new times!

These times call for new strategies. We're all coping with L-O-N-G weeks of homeschooling and indoor play, and I'm hearing from lots of stressed out moms - all worried about how they're going to survive the weeks ahead. 🤪 

In an effort to ease the stress, I've been posting videos sharing kid centered Sanity Saving tips every weekday on my social media.

But some want more. So in response, I've created a DIY Toy Tamer playroom organizing course. It guides you through organizing your playroom (with or without your kids help) so your kids can find and play with all their toys, AND they'll actually want to clean up all by themselves. Plus, it will teach executive functioning skills they'll need for the rest of their life. 

You're stuck at home -  why not make the most of it?

Sound like something you need? 

Click here to get all the info.

We're all in this together - let's share the knowledge, and support small local businesses at the same time. 


Evelyn Cucchiara, The Toy Tamer