The Toy Tamer 

​Playroom organizing done right. 

​​Here are the questions I get asked all the time -

 I'm so super passionate about what I do,
I'd LOVE to talk with you 1 on 1 to explain everything in more detail! 

Why tame my toys? It will never stick! You've tried it on your own - and it works - maybe for a day or two. But before you know it, you're right back where you started, surrounded by toys that the kids dump out, but never, ever put away. We solve that problem once and for all with our unique 4 part toy management system - not just toy arranging. Because what good is it if it looks Instagram ready, but doesn't solve the mess problem forever?

What's the secret system? Based upon my many years experience, the key to organizing your playroom, keeping it organized while keeping your sanity, lies in our system, The S.A.N.E. Way  to Organize Your Playroom. The 4 steps are:

  • S = SORT - go through everything and get rid of anything that is broken, outgrown, unused or doesn't make you smile, even if it was a gift. 
  • A = ARRANGE - this means not only storing like with like, but having the right storage supplies to do the job. This doesn't mean cute gingham labels that look adorable but don't function. Those are strictly form over function -  but true organizing is function over form. Every time.
  • N = NAME- everything needs a name,which means a label. Without labels, you're the only one that knows where things belong - which is great if you want to be the only one putting things away. And pictures are key.
  • E = EVERYONE - Everyone needs to be involved - so you need an organizational system everyone (except you!) can participate in and keep up. That’s exactly what we install for you with our system, The S.A.N.E. Way  to Organize Your Playroom.

How long does it take?One day - with the occasional HUGE job taking two. And that includes everything - even the picture labels. We bring our own printer and laminator to get the job done quickly. 

What's the average cost?It depends upon how big the space is, how many rooms you need tamed,  how many toys you have and how many storage units you need. The average cost to completely tame your playroom, including all supplies and labor, is $3,000. This is with you no having to do a thing, no clean up, no weeding out old toys, no getting supplies, - absolutely nothing (but calling The Toy Tamer  oF course!) Larger or multiple spaces cost more, smaller a bit less. But you would know the exact cost before we move forward. I price by the job, not the hour, so everything is crystal clear before we begin.  

Will it last? Yes, as long as you follow the system and put the kids in charge of clean up. They want to be in charge of something - so once you give them the right tools to succeed, you'll be surprised how much pride they take in keeping it neat and clean. Plus, they can actually play with all their toys again!  

Why does this work?In order for organizing to be a one time and works forever job, you need all four steps. Most people do one or two steps, think they’re done, and wonder why everything's a mess again as soon as the kids play. That’s where we comes in. We do all 4 steps for you - ensuring your playroom functions and looks beautiful for now and forever. We truly are playroom organizing done right! And you don't have to do a thing.

My husband doesn't get why a messy playroom drives me crazy. I know - it's rare when a husband feels the same guilt that you do when you see the messy playroom. It's a mom thing - and it doesn't matter how many jobs you have, if the playroom is messy, you feel it's your fault. It's not - you simply don't have the right system in place. Think of it this way - trying to organize the playroom without the right supplies (the right storage units, the right bins and the right labels) is like trying to organize your kitchen without kitchen cabinets. Pointless. Husbands don't get it at first - but they're the biggest fans once the space is done! All I can suggest is ask them to trust you - and the hundreds of other husbands who rave about The Toy Tamer. 

Get ready for an easy to clean playroom 
​method that you're going to love!