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While a clean playroom makes you smile and feel in control of your life, that's just the icing on the cake. The real benefit is that your kids gain the independence, confidence and tools they need to take over the playroom clean up. Which means that as they get older, they'll be able to organize and run their own lives. Here's a little known fact: It's vital for kids to learn organizing skills between the ages of 2 - 8, so that these skills become ingrained in their daily behavior. This way those skills stay with them as they travel throughout life. But don't worry if that time window has already passed, older kids can be taught too! Remember - cleaning up for them now only results in dependent young adults in the future.

Ever thought about this? If you're the only one cleaning up, the only one who knows where things are supposed to go, no matter how often or how loudly you ask (or, ahem, yell at) the kids to clean up, it's impossible for them to do what you want. Instead you're creating a situation that's super stressful for you and super stressful for them! But, with the right structure and system in place, you'll never have to ask (or yell at!) them again. They'll be in charge of clean up, they'll be the boss - and you know how much the average kid wants to be the boss of something - anything! Let's give them that space to be the boss - and at the same time create a clean playroom and teach them organizing skills too!

When you make it easy for them to take charge of the space, they will reward you with amazing organizing skills - for now and the future!

​Your playroom can be that happy place you dream of, the first room on your house tour (really - I've seen it happen over and over!), you just need the right structure and system. That's where I step in and solve the problem. Your playroom and your children's ability to keep it neat and clean can exceed your wildest dreams, for now and forever!

Your next step? We talk! Since I offer both a WE DO IT ALL and a DO IT YOURSELF model - together we can tame your toys no matter what your budget is or where you are in the world!

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Evelyn, The Toy Tamer

I get excited when I walk into a completely disorganized playroom, because I can already picture how great it COULD be for your kids! (Did I mention how much I LOVE kids?) I know - that sounds crazy, but I thought everyone could do this - but nope, seems it's a rare skill. I LOVE sharing this skill with crazy busy parents who are sick and tired of trying to keep the playroom organized on their own. Sound like you?

By the way - a messy playroom is definitely not your fault, no matter how many times you've tried to organize it. You simply don't have the right organizing tools, the time to plan it, or a way to convince the kids that they want to clean up. You wouldn't try to set up your kitchen without cabinets and drawers would you? But that's exactly what you're trying to do, (and not succeeding with) in your playroom! 

Is your playroom driving you CRAZY? 


​The Toy Tamer 

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Playroom organizing tips
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But, if you're not so sure yet if Toy Taming is right for you and you want more details -

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Hello! Welcome to my world! I'm Evelyn, The Toy Tamer and I'm a time management and organizing junkie. I speak fluent IKEA and kid! I'm all about finding better ways to do things and when I saw a need for a better way to manage toys and teach kids vital organizing skills, I drew upon my years of experience in owning a family day care and a children's art studio, (plus being the mom of three boys) and voila - 

The Toy Tamer was born! And I'm the only one!

(Now I bet the Tigger song is running through your head - sorry!)

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Playroom organizing tips

That's great for me, but why is a clean playroom so important for my kids?

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I'm Evelyn Cucchiara, The Toy Tamer

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